A number of articles have been written about what we do at Phytofarm Medicinal Plant Farm.

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Greg Whitten, author of Herbal Harvest, visits Phytofarm in 2017 and talks about growing and quality of herbs.

Plant Centred Life from Valmai Becker on Vimeo.


In addition to this great press, we have received a number of testimonials from past participants from the apprenticeship programme and workshops.

I have completed apprenticeship programme with Valmai in 2012 and I have to say it’s the best course I have ever done, and I have done quite a few in the UK! I have felt so inspired, it has led me to changing my diet, becoming more adventurous with cooking, starting a veggie garden and making the most amazing products. Best of all I have been introduced to the world of hydrosols. I am now running a business based on this -HtoO Skincare (HtoO Hydrosols on Facebook). Valmai is an incredible teacher and I feel so privileged to have studied this course in such a fantastic place as little river. Thank you Valmai it has been a life changing experience. Elizabeth Weedon

The practical skills I learn’t during the Herbal Apprenticeship Course have given me confidence with growing, harvesting and processing herbal plants to create skin care products, culinary and medicinal products. Whether it be a healthy herbal salad, medicinal vinegar, healing salve, cough medicine or nourishing body moisturiser, Valmai’s wisdom and knowledge on a vast array of topics is simply inspirational. 

Now my herbal passion is evolving into a small business where I get to express myself creatively, work with other like minded souls and enjoy the abundance that nature provides.  Thank you Valmai.Sharyn Ogg Plant & Share

This has to be one of the best ways to spend a day out of town. Already the drive along Lake Ellersmere, past Birdlings Flat and then into Okuti Valley takes you away into a different world.

Valmai is a wonderful host and you will be greeted with tasty and wholesome beverages. We loved all of the experience: exploring the woods, the herb and vegetable gardens and the processing room.

Lunch is created mostly from locally grown organic produce. What a creative and wholesome feast!!

The afternoon would be the highlight when we got a chance to make our own products and take them home.

The skin lotions have been used by us over and over again and we have made them at home since following the recipes.

They are the best products I have ever used for my skin with no adverse reaction from my normally very sensitive skin.

Thanks Valmai – we will be back!!!  Dr Sylvie McLean; Veterinarian

Thanks Valmai for a brilliant day out. The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and great value for money especially with all of the beautiful products we made and got to take home. The skin products are the best I have ever used! Who knew you could make your own skin care products that work better than department store brands. Highly recommended!
Karyn South Crown Prosecutor; Owner & Director of RDU Radio Station, Canterbury

I really enjoyed the herbal workshops at Phytofarm and learnt a great deal about the value, properties and uses of many herbs. Valmai has a wealth of knowledge about herbal medicine and she has an excellent teaching style based on many years experience. The courses were very good value for money in terms of information gained and the range of lovely take home products we made.Kate Olsen Nelson

I recently had a most wonderful day at a Phytofarm spring workshop.

Valmai’s knowledge of herbs and health is inspiring, and I particularly enjoyed learning how to make natural skin care products and the use of herbs for health and daily life.
What a fantastic day to relax with friends, commune with nature and be treated to Valmai’s hospitality.

What a healing experience! The fasting retreat was a wonderful way to examine and shift my relationship with food and eating. I was shocked by the abundant energy I experienced during the retreat. Awakening bright and clear in the morning, exercising with ease, experiencing little negative thought during the fast taught me of how my regular diet affects my wellness (or lack of it) and has inspired me to make some changes. I felt well supported by Valmai and Phillippa as facilitators. The heaps of knowledge, experience and compassion they brought to this retreat was evident. Their passion for wellness is infectious!

I did the fasting cleanse as preparation for major surgery and entered hospital calmly with a loving connection to my body. Following the operation, hospital staff, friends, and even my surgeon remarked on my vibrant, healthful recovery. I credit the fasting retreat for a big piece of that and would recommend it to anyone. Warmly, Caralyn Nelson