Enjoy a regular supply of herbal products and become one of my many happy clients who order monthly supplies of lucious face and hand cream, fresh, delightful tasting herbal tea blends, infused therapeutic and culinary oils, culinary vinegars, tonics, healing salves and creams.

We can blend to your individual needs therapeutic creams, herbal medicine products, teas, tonics, infused oils, bath soaks and natural preservative free skin care products. Gift packs for special occasion or persons can be made to order – just contact us.

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insect repellent


Kawakawa oil is used as the base in this insect repellent balm in combination with specific essential oils that are a deterrent to insects.

0 out of 5

skin healing gel


A light healing gel with aloe vera and lavender, perfect for burns or irritated skin. 50mls airless pump bottle.

5.00 out of 5