summer workshop


Summer is the time to enjoy the beautiful textures & colour of the herb garden

This season will help you to learn to identify the variety of healing plants that are abundant during the summer months. Sumptuous bunches of Lavender and Yarrow and the colourful flower heads of Red Clover and St John’s Wort plants. Herb gardens are at their best during the summer months – full of colour, texture and ripening seed pods. It is a pleasure to smell the aromas and see the potential of the summer garden in full glory. The summer workshop will profile plants used for topical applications and how to make wonderful healing creams, ointments, medicated oils for wounds, burns and inflammation.

This workshop from 10am – 2pm provides you with a range of take home products to use and enjoy:

  • 1 jar of burn gel for first aid
  • 1 jar of antiseptic ointment
  • 1 jar of analgesic cream
  • 1 jar of medicinal salve
  • 1 bottle of healing medicated infused oil
  • A summer herbal beverage

You will also receive a workshop booklet with recipes and plant profiles for the season.

What to bring and wear

  • Casual shoes and clothing for wet, cool or warm weather conditions
  • Protection from the summer sun
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