the spring box


The Spring Box
Life at Phytofarm moves with the seasons, so we have created seasonal medicinal boxes to help you adjust to the changes of the seasons with a variety of plant medicines. Spring – the time to make changes and embrace a new growing season.

The spring box has some wonderful culinary delights, a delicious microbiome tonic and a medicinal plant oil for you to sample some of Phytofarm products.

Gut Repair
This tonic is made from pectin & inulin containing plants flavored with delicious elderberry & fennel seed in a base of raw organic apple cider vinegar. Gut repair is blended to aid in building diversity to the gut flora. Shake the bottle well to mix the inulin and pectin and add one tablespoon of tonic to 250mls of warm or hot water.
Contains burdock root, elecampane root, hawthorne berries, elderberries, and fennel seeds.

Ginger Paste
Our Ginger Paste is aromatic, pungent, spicy and delicious. It is perfect to flavor any meat or fish dishes or served as a condiment with fruit, cheese and crackers.

Spring Herbal Salt
An aromatic blend of organic dried culinary herbs and flaky salt, and a perfect seasoning to be sprinkled over food after cooking.

Rosehip Oil
Our rosehip oil is carefully blended from wild dog rosehips. Rosehips are rich in valuable nutrients for the skin. The hips hydrate, provide moist, brightens the skin and reduces inflammation and scar tissue.

Spring Tisane
An enlivening refreshing aromatic blend of oregano, spearmint, sage & elderflower. This blend has a slightly astringent mouthfeel combined with a light delicate finish to the taste.
Tasting Notes: Sweet, minty, mild spice and subtle pear citrus all rolled into one.

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