Autumn 2019 – Explore (May)

Monday, June 6th, 2011


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Workshop Dates 

There are days scheduled for each season providing a combination of weekdays and weekends. The dates for Autumn 2019 are: Saturday May 11, Sunday May 12, and Tuesday May 14 . Contact Valmai for any special requests.

  • Full Day 10am – 4pm
  • Half Day Option 10am – 1pm or 2pm – 5pm

“Autumn brings a
change of mood in the garden”

This season encourages you to explore the garden and hedge rows for ripening seeds and colourful berries. The roots, bark and berries from the autumn garden help prepare us for the colder months and provide protection to the mucus membranes in preparation for a change of season to cooler temperatures.

This time of year is the last chance to harvest plants to process in the drying room and preserve the medicinal qualities of plants for winter use.

The autumn workshop will profile plants that are used for tonics and as medicines for the colder months.

This workshop provides you with a range of take home products to use and enjoy:

  • a bottle of liniment
  • a box of herbal blends for inhalations and gargles
  • a bottle of cold & flu oxymel
  • a bottle of nutritious syrup
  • a bottle of herbal tonic
  • an autumn of herbal beverage

You will also receive a workshop booklet with recipes and plant profiles for the season.

When you attend a full day workshop Valmai will also treat you to a tasty, delicious lunch and herbal beverages from the Phytofarm kitchen.

What to bring and wear

Casual shoes and clothing for wet, cool or warm weather conditions. Protection from the summer sun.

Group Specials and Discounts

Bring a group of six people and I will indulge you and your friends or family in a memorable Phytofarm experience, where you can have fun together and enjoy making medicine and products from the wonderful world of healing plants. See testimonials for other people’s comments on workshops at Phytofarm.

Special friends
Girl’s day out
Pre-wedding pamper
Family gathering
Bring a group of six people to one of the four season’s workshops and you will receive a culinary cooking combo, bring a group to all four seasons and you will receive a $50 discount on the last workshop.

Contact Valmai to discuss any special requests or topics of interest. If you live outside the Canterbury area workshop days can be blocked together to limit travel costs.


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Half Day Workshop, Full Day (includes lunch)