the season of preparation

The Autumn season is arriving, the days are still sunny and warm but the morning and evening temperatures are cooler. The plants have produced flowers and leaves and are now delivering their valuable constituents to their root systems so this is the time of the year when the roots are their most potent. The digging of roots is the reminder of another change of season and to stock the medicine cabinet with a range of products that protect and prevent winter ills. 


Enjoy our luscious herbal body butters and creams, delightful tasting teas, infused medicinal oils, tonics and healing salves.


Seasonal workshops and tours designed to explore the changes in the garden and use of plants to make fabulous products.


This programme offers a thorough instruction in the growing, harvesting, processing & manufacture of herbal products.


Retreats to empower you with a feeling of wellness & inspire you to feel good about yourself. Think beach, spa resort & daily yoga.

herb of the season


Elecampane (Inula helenium) is a joyful plant for the garden, a perennial plant from the daisy family. It has large leaves, yellow flowers, reminiscent of a sunflower plant.


events and dates

Garden Tours

Wednesdays 10 – 11
$20 per person; children under 16 free

2020 Autumn Workshops 10m-2pm

Tuesday, 10. March | Saturday, 21. March | Saturday, 28. March
Saturday, 18. April

Other times for workshops and garden tours can be negotiated. Please contact Valmai or Andrea to discuss.

Kimi ora retreats

Autumn Retreat
24. – 28. April 2020 

Spring Retreat
9. – 13. October 2020

Please see prospectus here.

our favourite

the first aid box

This is the box with all our herbal helpers for those little misfortunes at home or traveling!


Insect repellent oil
Peppermint & lavender balm
Arnica oil
Skin healing gel
Dried herbs in the box

$ 60.00


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