The mantra for the spring garden is weed, feed and seed. Andrea and I are on the case attending to all the garden beds, clearing, tidying, cutting back perennials, conscious weeding and the preparation of seed raising trays.
The success of the summer harvest depends on the spring preparation.

Weed – When is weed not a weed? A weed is a plant growing where it is not wanted – a rose in a nettle patch. A plant not intentionally sown in a specific location or plants that are competitive or interfere with the growth of other plants. Weeds can also be edible, nutritious plants that can be included in salads or as steamed vegetable greens. Allowing selected “weeds” to grow in your garden will create balance and harmony among the different plant species and provide a wilderness feel by not being overly cultivated. Feed – Feed the soil with compost, vermicast, maybe lime, organic sheep pellets and mulch to assist with moisture retention during the summer. Seed – Investigate which plants have dropped their seed and encourage seedlings to develop. Special annual plants prepare seed raising trays.


our tisanes

seasonal tisane

An aromatic, cooling, decongestant tisane. A refreshing summer blend to enjoy hot or cold.

sleep well tisane

Drink this tisane for the benefits of all these wonderful quietening, calming and sedative plants that help empty the head and prepare you for sleep.

lung health tisane

Drink this tisane to strengthen and warm with mullein, hyssop and thyme. Marshmallow provides valuable mucilage for the lungs, especially for dry coughs.

pick me up tisane

Drink this refreshing tisane as a caffeine substitute for those low energy moments. With Kawakawa, a versatile plant pharmacy in itself.

herb of the season


If there is a ubiquitous plant in the garden, it has to be the dandelion; they universally grow near people. The word dandelion comes from the French “Dent de lion” or “lions tooth,” a reference to their incisor-patterned leaves. The seed of the dandelion is a parachute-like structure that allows these wispy structures to float through the air and carry the seeds far and wide. They love the sun but will also grow in partial shade. The leaves grow from a rosette, arise from the root and are hairless, smooth and toothed. The versatility, both as a food and a medicine, the dandelion is a cherished plant among the herbal community. A flowering perennial plant of the Asteraceae (daisy) family and is an excellent spring liver tonic. All parts of the plant are used – the flowers can be added patties, leaves steamed or eaten raw in salads, and roots can be decocted for a dandelion coffee. 

Dandelion’s Health Benefits – a plant from the backyard
Liver, kidney and blood pressure health, good for the bones and nutrient-rich.



Enjoy our luscious herbal body butters and creams, delightful tasting teas, infused medicinal oils, tonics and healing salves.

medicinal oils

Our signature range of rich and colourful infused medicinal oils from carefully selected plants.


Seasonal workshops and tours designed to explore the changes in the garden and use of plants to make fabulous products.


This programme offers a thorough instruction in the growing, harvesting, processing & manufacture of herbal products.

events and dates

2021 Phytofarm Apprenticeship Programme Dates 

• Spring: November 12,13,14 & 15
• Summer: January 28, 29, 30 & 31
• Autumn: March 18, 19, 20 & 21
• Winter: June 3, 4, 5 & 6

2021 Spring Well Being Workshop EXPLORE

• Monday 25 October
• Saturday 6 November
• Sunday 5 December FULLY BOOKED
• Saturday 11 December

In spring the workshop will focus on edible plants that grow in both our medicinal plots and wild plants from the meadow. It will highlight how medicinal plants offer you nutritionally dense food.

10am – 2pm each day. Other times for workshops and garden tours can be negotiated. Please contact Valmai or Andrea to discuss.

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phytofarm kitchen garden book

The principles for exploring plants as food and medicine, a valuable collection of recipes and ideas. Starting with the Spring & Summer Edition, there will be new sets of pages in the future, keeping you updated with the latest additions from the Phytofarm kitchen.

$ 49.00

hand sanitiser

A fragrant moisturising hand sanitiser without damaging chemicals! 100 ml $ 12.00

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