the season of renewal

Spring is always an exciting time in the garden, after the cold of the winter season the soil warms and an array of plants begin to emerge. It is no accident that edible medicinal plants like cleavers, chickweed, dandelion and miners lettuce grow to demonstrate a transition from winter to spring. Our bodies are in need of the green nutrition these plants provide. Mineral and vitamin rich, full of life giving chlorophyll to stimulate the liver, kidneys and lymphatic systems.

A spring garden can be a wild meadow or a formal garden patch of greens constructed to meet individual needs. However plants manifest themselves in your life they can be enjoyed as a source of nutrition or used for a specific medicine. It is about food as medicine and medicine as food.

At Phytofarm in the spring our products and workshops focus particular on the culinary/nutritional benefits of plants.



Enjoy our luscious herbal body butters and creams, delightful tasting teas, infused medicinal oils, tonics and healing salves.


Seasonal workshops and tours designed to explore the changes in the garden and use of plants to make fabulous products.


This programme offers a thorough instruction in the growing, harvesting, processing & manufacture of herbal products.


Retreats to empower you with a feeling of wellness & inspire you to feel good about yourself. Think beach, spa resort & daily yoga.

herb of the season


In many cases wild uncultivated plants, often referred to as weeds are the most nutritional dense and valuable medicinal plants. This is definitely the case for Cleavers (Galium aparine).


events and dates

2019 Spring Workshops: 10am- 2pm 

Saturday, 2. November | Sunday, 10. November
Thursday, 21. November | Sunday, 8. December | Thursday, 17. December

2020 Summer Workshops 10m-2pm

Sunday, 12. January | Saturday, 25. January | Sunday, 9. February
Thursday, 20. February | Saturday, 29. February

spring product

the spring box

Life at Phytofarm moves with the seasons, so we have created  medicinal boxes to help you adjust to the changes of the seasons with a variety of plant medicines.

The spring box has some wonderful culinary delights, a delicious microbiome tonic and a medicinal plant oil for you to sample some of Phytofarm products.

$ 60.00



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