The seasons come and go with speed and regularity and here we are at winter – again. The season of challenge: short days, long nights, fire lighting, the desire of warm food, pungent tisane blends to keep the internal fire alight. Maybe there is some couch time on the horizon, a stack of reading material mounts on the lounge coffee table awaiting that really stormy day when any outside work is out of the question. 

The garden still provides wild greens to make a delicious salad – kale, chickweed, miners lettuce, french sorrel, nasturtium leaves and garnished with red pineapple sage flowers. 


our tisanes


An aromatic, cooling, decongestant tisane. A refreshing summer blend to enjoy hot or cold.


Drink this tisane for the benefits of all these wonderful quietening, calming and sedative plants that help empty the head and prepare you for sleep.


Drink this tisane to strengthen and warm with mullein, hyssop and thyme. Marshmallow provides valuable mucilage for the lungs, especially for dry coughs.


Drink this refreshing tisane as a caffeine substitute for those low energy moments. With Kawakawa, a versatile plant pharmacy in itself.


pellitory of the wall

So much to write above this little wonder, that just turn up in the garden. For me one such plant was Parietaria officinalis (Pellitory of the Wall) a member of the  Urticaceae (Nettle) family. Parietaria, is derived from the Latin word paries meaning a wall. It is commonly found growing in nooks and crannies in dry walls hence the popular English name. A branched, bushy, herbaceous, perennial plant, with reddish, brittle stems and narrow, stalked leaves. The small, stalkless green flowers bloom during the summer months. The traditional use of this plant was for kidney and bladder disorders, specifically for urinary tract infections, kidney stones and bladder gravel. The diuretic action increases the flow of urine and is a particular characteristic of a plant with a rich source of potassium. Also a conventional cough medicine with expectorant properties bronchial affections. As well as the emollient, demulcent, vulnerary, diuretic and purifying qualities of this medicinal plant, it is also important to note that this plant can also be used to relieve pain caused by wounds and burns as well as speeding up their healing process with the application of a poultice. We love these seeming insignificant plants that are overlooked, have gone out of fashion but still wonder along dry stone walls keeping their secrets until noticed.

For internal use: Cystitis, kidney stones, bladder gravel, oedema, coughs an infusion of 25 grams (Dried) 50 grams (fresh plant) 250ml of the plant infusion taken 4x daily. For external use: Prepare a poultice using leaves and buds to calm burns and speed wound healing. Miscellaneous Fact: The whole plant can be used for cleaning glass such as windows and also copper containers – we presume because of tannin content and general astringency.



Enjoy our luscious herbal body butters and creams, delightful tasting teas, infused medicinal oils, tonics and healing salves.

medicinal oils

Our signature range of rich and colourful infused medicinal oils from carefully selected plants.


Seasonal workshops and tours designed to explore the changes in the garden and use of plants to make fabulous products.


This programme offers a thorough instruction in the growing, harvesting, processing & manufacture of herbal products.

events and dates

2022/23 Phytofarm Apprenticeship Programme
The interest in the Apprenticeship programme is growing, so please make your application early to secure a place.
You can download the Apprenticeship Prospectus 2022/23 here.
You can download the Apprenticeship Application 2022/23 here.

2022 Winter Well Being Workshop Programme: INDULGE
In winter the workshop will focus on looking after yourself, it can be a vulnerable time with colds, flus and viruses. We will make products that warm and nurture you.
• Saturday 25 June 2022 FULLY BOOKED
Sunday 3 July 2022
Tuesday 12 July 2022 FULLY BOOKED


10am – 2pm each day. Other times for workshops and garden tours can be negotiated. Please contact Valmai or Andrea to discuss.

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phytofarm kitchen garden book

The principles for exploring plants as food and medicine, a valuable collection of recipes and ideas. Starting with the Spring & Summer Edition, there will be new sets of pages in the future, keeping you updated with the latest additions from the Phytofarm kitchen.

$ 49.00

Kawakawa oil

Kawakawa oil is one of the most essential herbs in traditional herbal Māori medicine. Actions/Uses: Bruises, dry irritated skin, cuts, boils, abscesses, wounds, insect bites and repellent. Conditions marked by inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles, or fibrous tissue.

50 ml $ 22.00


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