Enjoy a regular supply of herbal products and become one of my many happy clients who order monthly supplies of lucious face and hand cream, fresh, delightful tasting herbal tea blends, infused therapeutic and culinary oils, culinary vinegars, tonics, healing salves and creams.

We can blend to your individual needs therapeutic creams, herbal medicine products, teas, tonics, infused oils, bath soaks and natural preservative free skin care products. Gift packs for special occasion or persons can be made to order – just contact us


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the winter box


The plants have had their spring exuberance, summer blossom, autumn change and now the winter mood brings a quiet time. Our drying room boxes are filled with blossoms, leaves, roots & berries for winter use. Life at Phytofarm moves with the seasons, so we have created seasonal medicines boxes to help you adjust to the changes of the seasons with a variety of plant medicines. Winter is a time for looking after yourself to prevent winter colds and flus.

Cough syrup

A delicious glycetract for irritating coughs and sore throats.

  • Thyme: Expectorant, antibacterial, antimicrobial
  • Marshmallow: demulcent, muco-protective
  • Licorice: Anti-inflammatory, muco- protective, demulcent, anti-tussive

Spicy Body Butter

A luscious product made from calendula oil, shea butter, coco butter and essential oils of orange & cinnamon.

Foot Soak

On a winters day or night nothing can be more relaxing than a wonderful warming herbal foot bath. Contains Epsom salt, kanuka, rosemary, blue hyssop, calendula flower.

Winter tisane

The winter blend is a combination of plant medicines to care for your immune system keep you warm, nourished & decongested!!

  • Lemon verbena: Uplifting nervine
  • Echinacea: immune enhancing & modulating
  • Elderflower: diaphoretic
  • Nettle: nutritive, depurative, astringent, decongestant
  • Ginger: Warming

A tisane is a non-tannin containing tea.
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