Enjoy a regular supply of herbal products and become one of my many happy clients who order monthly supplies of lucious face and hand cream, fresh, delightful tasting herbal tea blends, infused therapeutic and culinary oils, culinary vinegars, tonics, healing salves and creams.

We can blend to your individual needs therapeutic creams, herbal medicine products, teas, tonics, infused oils, bath soaks and natural preservative free skin care products. Gift packs for special occasion or persons can be made to order – just contact us


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the christmas box


The Christmas Box

is a culinary delight for the Christmas table and will be available until 20th December 2019. Whatever you are planning for the Christmas meal, the ginger paste will complement any dish, rose petal and citrus salt to flavour salads and steamed vegetable dishes. Also in the box: a herbal pesto to accompany bread and pasta, a delicious vinaigrette plus a fragrant candle to blow away end of year stress.

Order a Christmas gift box for a family member or friend we can post directly as a gift package for you!


Ginger paste
Spicy and delicious, it is perfect served as a condiment for any meat or fish dish. 

Rose petal and citrus salt
Our delicious herbal salt with rose petals and a hint of citrus.

Herbal pesto
A pesto made with fresh herbs from the garden and olive oil.

Herbal vinaigrette
This beautiful vinaigrette is made with raspberry vinegar and garlic-infused olive oil.

Fragrant candle
A crackling candle adding a relaxing atmosphere to your Christmas holiday season.


the first aid box


The First Aid Box

This is the box with all our herbal helpers for those little misfortunes at home or traveling!

Insect repellent oil
Keeps biting insects away, an effective combination of kawakawa infused oil, aloe, and specific essential oils to deter insects.
Kawakawa balm
helps cuts, wounds abrasions, painful joints
Peppermint & lavender balm
Rub into the temples & neck for headaches
For cold sores, chapped & dry lips
Arnica oil
For sprains & bruises  (unbroken skin only)
Skin healing gel
To cool the skin – sunburn, inflamed insect bites (if you forgot to use repellent)
Dried herbs in the box
Make a restorative, strengthening and aromatic tea for digestion: peppermint, kawakawa, chamomile