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spring well being workshop “explore”


In spring the workshop will focus on edible plants that grow in both our medicinal plots and wild plants from the meadow. It will highlight how medicinal plants offer you nutritionally dense food.

Workshop Programme: Explore

  • A spring garden walk and exploration of edible plants that tempt us.
  • Drying room experience and blending a tisane chosen from aromatic plants.
  • A discussion on edible plants and how and why these plants provide the vital nutrients we need.
  • Make and take home products with recipes:
    A tisane
    A meadow plant pesto
    A culinary vinegar
    A herbal salt

DATES (10am – 2pm each day):
Monday 25 October 2021
Saturday 6 November 2021
Sunday 5 December 2021
Saturday 11 December 2021

You will also receive a workshop notes with plant profiles and the recipes of the products you make.

Workshops that are booked can be cancelled three days prior to receive a full refund. After this time no refunds will be given but an alternative date can be booked for a 50% discount.

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