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kimi ora spring retreat


Join the 5-day juice therapy retreat for improved quality of life with enhanced health and wellbeing with us at Kimi Ora Eco Resort, Kaiteriteri.

Autumn Retreat: Sunday 21 March – Thursday 25 March
Spring Retreat: Friday 3 September – Tuesday 7 September

The daily routine includes morning meditation, yoga, hydrotherapy, and health-related activities. Enjoy a relaxed and supportive atmosphere with experienced Naturopath & Herbalist Valmai Becker guide you through this revitalizing fasting retreat. Kimi Ora Eco Resort features an aqua centre with indoor and outdoor pools, spa, saunas, beach views and a variety of natural spa treatments.

Our retreats are chance to dedicate five days to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation through the integration of fasting, yoga, and the full use of facilities at the Kimi Ora Spa Resort. You will experience the curative and cleansing benefits of fasting that stimulates the body to heal damaged cells and rejuvenate itself. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices, herbal teas, and vegetable broths are provided to nourish and support the body without taxing the digestive system.

Yoga and fasting are ancient complementary healing systems and are excellent to facilitate moment-to-moment awareness. The best approach to the fasting process is in a supportive environment, with like-minded people. Both beginner and experienced fasters who seek to improve their general well-being are welcome to attend the retreat.

Facilitator Valmai Becker – Naturopath/Herbalist – has 30 years experience in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, and running retreats. She was co-director of Canterbury College of Natural Medicine and author of the NZQA Clinical Herbal Medicine curriculum. She now runs courses at Phytofarm, a Herbal Learning Garden in Little River, Canterbury, New Zealand.

This retreat includes accommodation, juices/teas/broths, full use of the facilities at Kimi Ora Resort, daily yoga classes, a detox foot bath, and health-related talks. You can download the prospectus HERE.


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