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We can blend to your individual needs therapeutic creams, herbal medicine products, teas, tonics, infused oils, bath soaks and natural preservative free skin care products. Gift packs for special occasion or persons can be made to order – just contact us.

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citrus body butter


A luscious mix of shea butter from the Karite nut is combined with high quality organic cold pressed plant infused plant oil.

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insect repellent


Kawakawa oil is used as the base in this insect repellent balm in combination with specific essential oils that are a deterrent to insects.

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skin healing gel


A light healing gel with aloe vera and lavender, perfect for burns or irritated skin. 50mls airless pump bottle.

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coco ginger paste


Our Ginger Paste is spicy and delicious. It is perfect served as a condiment for any meat or fish dish

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herbal salt


An aromatic blend of organic dried culinary herbs and flaky salt, and a perfect seasoning to be sprinkled over food after cooking.

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Herbal Apprenticeship Programme


Phytofarm herbal learning garden is a 20 acre property in the beautiful Okuti Valley, in Little River on Banks Peninsula. The property has been developed over the last ten years by herbalist and naturopath Valmai Becker as a repository of plants and learning centre. The gardens, manufacturing and drying sheds have been purpose built to provide a practical learning experience in herbal medicine. Valmai has forty years of experience, both as an educator and clinician and has inspired many to embrace the healing properties of plants in their daily lives as medicine and as a source of well being. 

The apprenticeship programme offers a thorough instruction in the growing, harvesting, processing and manufacture of a wide range of herbal products. Students in the programme are encouraged to develop and explore personal areas of special interest and build confidence with medicinal plants that easily grow. The four seasons are celebrated with the students discovering culinary herbal delights of the spring garden, to exploring the abundance of the summer garden and blending quality products from the drying room during the autumn and winter seasons.

The apprenticeship is intended to develop in the student a passion for herbal medicine, exploring our relationship with plants in this exciting area of health and well being. 

Hands-on learning

The apprenticeship is open to anyone who has an interest and passion for learning about medicinal plants. This is a practical learning experience and will include out door activities in the garden and time managing plant material in the drying room. There will be 168 hours of instruction, 24 days, with 6 days for each season and 80 hours of home study, 20 hours to be completed at the end of each season. On successful completion of the apprenticeship the participants will be awarded a Phytofarm Certificate in Herbal Apprenticeship.


Valmai Becker has had many years of experience in graduating students into the healing profession, gardening projects, and has been successful in the management of four businesses that reflect her enthusiasm and love all things natural.

Feedback from students

”With an interest in herbs and herbal medicine a year on your Apprenticeship Programme turned that into a passion and possibly even taking me in a new direction in life!“

”Loved the hands-on learning in a small group.“

”Enjoyed realizing the amazing value of the plants we have around us.“


Attendance: 4 Weekends, each season – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Hour: 10am – 4pm
Total Attendance Hours: 96

Home Work: 10, Hours each season: 40
Total Hours: 136

Spring 2020: November 27, 28, 29 & 30.
Summer 2021: January 22, 23, 24 & 25.
Autumn 2021: March 26, 27, 28 & 29.
Winter 2021: June 4, 5, 6 & 7.

Download the information PDF here:
PHYTOFARM 2020-21prospectus

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kimi ora spring retreat


Join the 5-day juice therapy retreat for improved quality of life with enhanced health and wellbeing with us at Kimi Ora Eco Resort, Kaiteriteri.

The Spring Retreat 9 -13 October 2020 is fully booked.

The daily routine includes morning meditation, yoga, hydrotherapy, massage, and health-related activities. Enjoy a relaxed and supportive atmosphere with experienced Naturopath & Herbalist Valmai Becker guide you through this revitalizing fasting retreat. Kimi Ora Eco Resort features an Aqua centre with indoor and outdoor pools, spa, saunas, beach views and a variety of natural spa treatments.

Our retreats are chance to dedicate five days to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation through the integration of fasting, yoga, and the full use of facilities at the Kimi Ora Spa Resort. You will experience the curative and cleansing benefits of fasting that stimulates the body to heal damaged cells and rejuvenate itself. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices, herbal teas, and vegetable broths are provided to nourish and support the body without taxing the digestive system.

Yoga and fasting are ancient complementary healing systems and are excellent to facilitate moment-to-moment awareness. The best approach to the fasting process is in a supportive environment, with like-minded people. Both beginner and experienced fasters who seek to improve their general well-being are welcome to attend the retreat.

Facilitator Valmai Becker – Naturopath/Herbalist – has 30 years experience in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, and running retreats. She was co-director of Canterbury College of Natural Medicine and author of the NZQA Clinical Herbal Medicine curriculum. She now runs courses at Phytofarm, a Herbal Learning Garden in Little River, Canterbury, New Zealand.

This retreat includes accommodation, juices/teas/broths, full use of the facilities at Kimi Ora Resort, daily yoga classes, a massage, a detox foot bath, and health-related talks. You can download the prospectus HERE.


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gift voucher 20.00$


Whether it’s for a birthday,  a thank you, congratulations or job well done – our range of gift vouchers which can be used for a garden tour, a workshop or our products is the ultimate gift of choice.

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gift voucher 50.00$


Whether it’s for a birthday,  a thank you, congratulations or job well done – our range of gift cards for a garden tour, a workshop or our products is the ultimate gift of choice.

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gift voucher 100.00$


Whether it’s for a birthday,  a thank you, congratulations or job well done – our range of gift vouchers which can be used for a garden tour, a workshop or our products is the ultimate gift of choice.

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spring well being workshop “explore”


In spring the workshop will focus on edible plants that grow in both our medicinal plots and wild plants from the meadow. It will highlight how medicinal plants offer you nutritionally dense food.

Workshop Programme: Explore

  • A spring garden walk and exploration of edible plants that tempt us.
  • Drying room experience and blending a tisane chosen from aromatic plants.
  • A discussion on edible plants and how and why these plants provide the vital nutrients we need.
  • Make and take home products with recipes:
    A tisane
    A meadow plant pesto
    A culinary vinegar
    A herbal salt

DATES (10am – 2pm each day):
Tuesday 17 November 2020 FULLY BOOKED
Sunday 22 November 2020 FULLY BOOKED
Thursday 3 December 2020
Saturday 19 December 2020 FULLY BOOKED

You will also receive a workshop notes with plant profiles and the recipes of the products you make.

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summer well being workshop “discover”


In summer the workshop will focus on topical applications using colourful infused oils to make healing skin preparations.

Workshop Programme: Discover

  • A summer garden walk and discover the abundance of what is blooming in the garden.
  • Drying room experience and blending a tisane from summer plants.
  • A discussion on skin as a protective barrier and using skin healing preparations.
  • Make and take home products with recipes:
    Blend a tisane
    A healing salve
    A skin healing gel
    A medicinal balm

DATES (10am – 2pm each day):
Tuesday 12 January 2021
Sunday 17 January 2021
Thursday 11 February 2021
Saturday 20 February 2021

You will also receive a workshop notes with plant profiles and the recipes of the products you make.

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