Enjoy a regular supply of herbal products and become one of my many happy clients who order monthly supplies of lucious face and hand cream, fresh, delightful tasting herbal tea blends, infused therapeutic and culinary oils, culinary vinegars, tonics, healing salves and creams.

We can blend to your individual needs therapeutic creams, herbal medicine products, teas, tonics, infused oils, bath soaks and natural preservative free skin care products. Gift packs for special occasion or persons can be made to order – just contact us.

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Whether it’s for a birthday,  a thank you, congratulations or job well done – our range of gift vouchers which can be used for a garden tour, a workshop or our products is the ultimate gift of choice.

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autumn well being workshop “learn”

In autumn, the workshop will focus on the value of roots and how berries provide valuable medicine.

Workshop programme: Learn

  • Autumn garden walk, the plants grown for the healing properties in their roots are dying back, and the garden view changes from the aerial perspective to the examination of roots and berries in the trees.
  • Drying room experience and blending a decoction from roots and berries.
  • We will have a discussion on the importance of gut flora as a key to our immune system function.
  • Make and take home products with recipes:
    Blend a tisane
    A medicinal vinegar
    An oxymel
    A nutritional syrup

DATES (10am – 2pm each day):
Saturday 22 May FULLY BOOKED

Workshops that are booked can be cancelled three days prior to receive a full refund. After this time no refunds will be given but an alternative date can be booked for a 50% discount.


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winter well being workshop “indulge”


In winter the workshop will focus on looking after yourself, it can be a vulnerable time with colds, flus and viruses. We will make products that warm and nurture you.

Workshop Programme: Indulge

  • Winter garden walk: although most plants are dormant at this time of the year, the winter garden can be sculptural and highlights those plants with vigour to survive or even grow in the cold.
  • Drying room experience with tisanes we need for winter.
  • Discussion on nurturing ourselves being proactive about health and not focusing on disease.
  • Make and take home products with recipes:
    Blend a warming tisane
    A warming foot balm
    A foot or bath soak blend
    A body butter

DATES (10am – 2pm each day): 

  • Sunday 4 July 2021
  • Saturday 17 July 2021
  • Thursday 5 August 2021
  • Tuesday 17 August 2021

You will also receive a workshop notes with plant profiles and the recipes of the products you make.

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